How to score good marks in 12th Board Exam 2018, Prep Tips, Books

How to score good marks in 12th Board Exam 2018, Prep Tips, Books, CBSE 12th Board Preparation Tips, CBSE 12th Preparation Books, 12th Board Practice papers

How to score good marks in 12th Board Exam 2018 ?

Soon in the coming few months, the students of class 12th will appear for the class 12th exam. In each state there is a state board along the Central Board of Secondary Education. Each board conducts the board examination for the class 12th. The board exams are conducted for every stream of the class 12th. In the few months, the dates sheet of exams will release. The students will start their last minute preparation after the declaration of exam date sheet. However, they should not wait for the last minute study. They should start their preparation right now. It is the right time to start their preparation. It will help them in scoring good marks in the class 12th board exams. How to score good marks in 12th Board Exam 2018 ? all updates and information provided here.

12th Board Exam Preparation Tips

Check here for more information 12th Board Exam Preparation Tips are given here. You can go through the below steps:

  • The most important thing is that the students must study regularly. It always helps the students to perform well in the exams.
  • The regular study also helps them in realizing their strength and weakness.
  • It will be really helpful if candidates go for the last year’s questions papers of their subjects. It will help them in analyzing the exam pattern of the subjects.
  • Students also try to speed up their writing skills. Thus, it will help them in minimizing the chance of leaving incomplete question paper.

CBSE 12th Time Table 2018 – Download PDF

12th Board Practice Papers

No student is born as the genius. The students can achieve their goals in class 12th with their hard work and guidance. With hard work, any student can achieve good marks in the exams of class 12th. You will get 12th Board Practice papers, check here more information:

  • Before the exam, it is a common feeling that the students get tensed and little nervous. However, this nervousness can affect their performance in the exams. In case they are nervous in particular topic, then they will not be able to study it. Therefore, one must try to control nervousness.
  • During their studies, they should involve in activities which relax their mind and heart.
  • In the case of Accountancy:
    • The candidates must focus on the theory of accounts.
    • Next, they must practice numerical questions.
    • They must try to do correct calculations.
  • Preparation of the Mathematics subject involves understanding the various model problems. They should also focus on formulae, Methodologies and theorems.
  • During the studies of Economics, the students must not go for learning the answers. They should focus on understanding part of the topics. This will surely help them in scoring good marks in the subject of Economics. Apart from the main course book, one should also refer the reference book.
  • In the case of Physics, the students who have weakness in solving the mathematical part of Physics must consider this part first. In this subject, the understanding of concepts is very important to have good grades in the exams.
  • Chemistry is a subject of chemicals and formulas. It is a scoring subject.
  • Solving past year’s questions in Biology will be very useful. The students must also try to learn the diagrams, these things help in scoring good marks. It is a very scoring subject.

12th Board Preparation Books

There are numerous 12th Board Preparation Books which are available Online. Students can study from their as well as they can purchase it from the nearby book depot! Complete your Syllabus on Time. After that only, you should switch to the other Practice material and books!

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