CBSE 12th Accounts Paper Analysis 29th April 2017 Review

CBSE Accounts Paper Analysis 2017 for Class 12th

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CBSE 12th Accounts Paper Analysis 2017

The Class XII paper of Accountancy of Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) will be conducted on 29th March, 2017. The examination for the commerce stream has already started from 9th March, 2017. The students are anxious about the exam paper of Accountancy for class XII. Students are tensed about the paper pattern and are looking for CBSE 12th Accountancy Paper Analysis. They are searching for CBSE 12th Accountancy Paper Review 2017. As per the CBSE 12th Accountancy Paper Predictions 2017, they are certain things that students of commerce stream should take care. First and foremost important thing, they should not spend too much time on a single question. If they know the solutions, just write it down. If they have any doubt in the solution, just leave it for later. They can attend the question after completing the whole question paper. here is your CBSE 12th Accounts Paper Analysis 2017.

In conversation with ResultInd correspondent, Nikhil Agarwaal student of Class 12th jayshree Periwaal jaipur told that the Overall paper was easy and the questions were from syllabus only. Section B was little tough for some of the students otherwise average scoring for Chemistry paper will be around 87% easily.  

cbse 12th accountancy paper analysis 2017

CBSE 12th Accounts Paper Review 2017

There are certain CBSE 12th Accounts Paper Review 2017 too for helping the students of commerce stream. It is expected that the Accountancy paper of Class XII for the year 2017 might be easy as compared to the last year’s question paper. As all the students who will give the examination of Accountancy on 29th March, 2017 must know the paper pattern of Accountancy. The paper of Accountancy will be divided into two sections. The names of the section are Section A and Section B. All the question presented in the Section A are compulsory. There will be no choice given to the students for attempting the question. The students will attend all the questions of the Section A. In Section B, the section will have two options. The option of the question is related to the Financial Statement Accounting and the other option of the question will be related to the Computerized Accounting. The Section A comprises of 60 marks. The Section B comprises of 20 marks.

CBSE 12th Accounts Paper Exam Analysis 2017

According to the CBSE 12th Accounts Paper Exam Analysis 2017, it is expected that all the questions that will be asked in the question paper of Accountancy will be from the books of NCERT. It means the students will cover the topics of NCERT books as the main source of the questions will be the NCERT book.

Accountancy is a practical and numerical subject. Therefore CBSE 12th Accounts Paper Prediction 2017 is that it is a scoring subject. It can make a big difference in the aggregate marks of Class XII.  CBSE 12th Accountancy Paper Prediction 2017 states that till now two examination are conducted for the commerce stream. The common observation till now is that the examination papers were not very hard. They were easily attempted. The question papers were not very difficult. The students should keep their mind calm and prepare hard for the examination.

10th/ 12th Exam Result to be announced- CBSE 2017

CBSE 12th Accounts Exam Prediction 2017

According to the CBSE 12th Accounts Exam Prediction 2017 is that the Accountancy paper can be little lengthy. The students should maintain their speed during the examination of Accountancy. There will be no questions that will be asked out of syllabus. The level of question paper of Accountancy can have both type of questions. The paper of Accountancy will have easy, medium and difficult level of questions.  It is predicted that the length of the paper will be little lengthy and the students has to maintain their writing and calculation speed. The student will set the time for each and every question. They should be prepare for the every aspect of the examination paper pattern of Accountancy.

Overview: The paper was easy but little bit lengthy!



  • paper was lengthy
    tricky questions
    8 marks journal entries on admission takes lots of time and it disturbs our time management.
    cash flow not tallyed
    because of proposed div
    loose checking should be there
    partiality done to the 2017 batch

  • These days level of accountancy paper is too high. These type of questions are given only in one accountancy book. Name of the book is ULTIMATE BOOK OF ACCOUNTANCY. Students should use this book in future, only then they can handle such type of board papers.

    • Dear Sonia,

      Thanks for your direction! We will review this book and recommend some of our class 12th students!

      ResultInd Team

  • Paper was totally unexpected also very lengthy and tricky. We want leniency with grace. We study hard the whole year and it feels so bad when we get nothing in return. 75% was filled with tricky questions which were very time consuming plus it wasn’t based on the sample paper. There was no ledger account even no question of comparative and common size and accounting ratios which was unexpected

  • Paper was very lengthy and tricky. It wasn’t based on the sample paper. Cbse must think about weak students also. It seems like cbse wanna soil the life of students by making such rubbish paper. I request for leniency and grace.

  • The paper was lengthy and was tough…it wasn’t as per the expectations…we IP students were only provided with one day leave which wasn’t enough for cracking this paper at all…hoping for lenient checking at least…

  • paper was definitely tricky and Lengthy… 67% of the students from my center were not even able to complete the paper. It can be said that the questions might be easy but were quite time consuming and as a result we left our exam incomplete….moreover,solutions can go wrong on some parts due to nervousness for solving those tricky questions in the given time… therefore there should leniency in the evaluation for this 2017 12th batch… 🙂

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